The British Columbia Broiler Hatching Egg Commission

The British Columbia Broiler Hatching Egg Commission was established in 1988 under the Natural Products Marketing (BC) Act. We currently have 54 registered hatching egg producers in BC and 7 registered pullet growers. The Commission works under the Canadian Hatching Egg Producers (CHEP) who represents 300 farmers from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Québec. Canadian hatching egg producers yield 80% of Canada's required hatching eggs.

CHICKS heads

The Commission's Board of Directors consists of an Independent Chair, appointed by Cabinet, and four elected producer members:

Jim Collins - Chair
Joe Neels - Vice Chair
Beata Kunze - Director
Calvin Breukelman - Director
Daniel Zylstra - Director

The BC Farm Industry Review Board is responsible for the general supervision of the Commission as one of BC’s eight agricultural commodity boards.

The 2019 Strategic Plan

Our Vision
It is through cooperation with industry stakeholders that our greatest successes will be derived.

To oversee the production activities of BC broiler hatching egg producers and regulate the marketing of their product and to act as a leader for the BC broiler hatching egg producers in dealings with other participants in the chicken meat industry, with stakeholders in the national marketing scheme and with provincial and municipal government bodies.

As a part of the chicken supply chain, provide fair and sustainable orderly marketing in the BC hatching egg sector.

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