The British Columbia Broiler Hatching Egg Producers' Association


  • To promote by closer contact and exchange of ideas and experiences, thereby endeavoring to solve the problems of the broiler hatching egg industry;
  • To establish a better understanding and appreciation with the public and other interested parties concerning the broiler hatching egg industry;
  • To stimulate, develop and encourage all and any necessary improvements in the disposition, sale or acquisition of any feed or other necessities and likewise to obtain any scientific aid or assistance of any nature and any kind with respect to any poultry and/or eggs; and,
  • To encourage every and any economical plan or devise, which might be of assistance to producers of broiler hatching eggs and more solid contact with hatcheries, feed suppliers, processors and broiler growers.

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The BCBHE Producers' Association was formed in 1963 and consists of 4 producer directors, elected by the membership.

Producers' Association

Bryan Brandsma - President
Angela Groothof - Director
Art deRuiter - Director
Wayne DeJong - Director

Sandra Lepp - Secretary

The Association Directors represent hatching egg producers on committees and organizations such as:

- Sustainable Poultry Farming Group (SPFG)
- British Columbia Agriculture Council (BCAC)
- British Columbia Poultry Association (BCPA)
- Environmental Farm Planning
- BCPA Biosecurity Committee
- Emergency Response Planning Committee

Contact the BCHEPA:

P.O. Box 191 Abbotsford, BC V4X 3R2
Phone: 604-864-7556  association(at)