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BC Hatching Eggs Biosecurity Audits

2021 Audit Stats
Premises to audit58
Premises completed

2020-10-06 BCBHEC and BCCMB Pricing Review Terms of Reference for Stakeholder Feedback

2020-09-29 Letter to Producers re COP Surveys

2020-09-18 Letter to BCBHEPA re COP Surveys

2020-09-08 Fowl Price Decision

2020-08-04 Chicken Industry Strategic Framework - Integration Letter

2020-07-30 Update to Producers re COVID-19 Compensation

2020-07-30 Response to 2020-07-10 BCBHEPA Letter

2020-07-30 Fowl Price Letter

2020-07-17 Final BCFIRB Joint Response

2020-06-30 Update to producers re Early Processing Compensation

2020-06-30 Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) Discussion Document for Stakeholder Comments

2020-06-29 Fowl Pricing Update

2020-05-29 Report on 2019 Hatching Egg Allocation and Egg Flow

2020-05-12 A163 Pricing-Kill Age Decision

2020-05-01 Letter to PPAC and Stakeholders re Issues

2020-04-17 Fowl Price Letter

2020-03-23 COVID-19 and the BC Poultry Industry

2020-03-12 Fowl Response Letter

2020-03-03 BC Chicken Industry Strategic Framework - Presentation

2020-03-05_Statement from poultry and egg farmers on CPTPP mitigation programs

2020-03-03 Update to BCFIRB and Stakeholders

AGM Notice - Reminder

2020-01-21 A161 Response to BCFIRB re Repricing Direction Extension

2019-12-18 Response to BCCMB and Poultry Producers Association

2019-12-18 Prior Approval Request - Ontario Reserve Fund - Updated

2019-12-03 Removal of Revenue Streams from BCBHEC Cost of Production

2019-11-27 Adjustment to COP Formula & Pricing

2019-10-28 Joint Stakeholder Letter -BC Chicken Industry Strategic Framework & Pricing Approaches

2019-08-23 Adjustment to Pricing Linkage

2019-08-07 BC Chicken Industry Strategic Framework & Pricing Approaches

2019-07-11 BCFIRB Ltr - Price Linkage and Pricing in BC Chicken Sector

2019-05-01 Ltr to J Byrne, PPAC Chair and Recommendation

BCCMB Linkage Response May 2019

2019-04-29 Pricing Linkage Agreement - Notice of Withdrawal

2019-04 15 Compliance Rebate Letter

2019-03-27 Animal Care Program Work Action Plan

2019-05-01 ED Memo - Animal Care Update

2019-04-18 COP and Linkage Timeline Update to Producers and Stakeholders with Amending Order

CHEP 2019 - 2022 Strategic Plan

2019-02-22 ED Memo - Stephanie Laframboise

2019-02-08 PPAC Asian Breeder Representative Appointment Allen

2019-02-08 PPAC Asian Breeder Hatchery Representative Appointment Donaldson

2019-02-01 Joint PPAC Letter

2019-01-17 BCBHEC Appointment Prior Approval

2019-01-10 Chair Memo - Pricing

BC Broiler Hatching Egg Commission - 2019 Strategic Plan

2018-12-21 Temporary Appointment Notice

2018-12-03 Strategic Plan Cover Letter , 2018-11-30 DRAFT 2019 Strategic Plan- website , 2018-11-30 DRAFT Fillable Survey Questions

2018-11-23 ED Memo - Industry Update

2018-11-06 PPAC Chair Appointment

2018-10-31 Pricing Update to Producers and Stakeholders Letter

2018-10-19 ED Memo - Industry Update

2018-09-05 Strategic Planning Notice

2018-08-31 TRQ Letter to BC Government

2018-08-07 Intervenor Application Letter

2018-07-20 Producer Letter re Catching and Loading Legal Question

2018-07-13 BCBHEC Pricing Formula Letter to BCCMB

2018-06-26 Response to Catching Letter

2018-06-22 ED Memo - Industry Update

2018-06-22 BCBHEC Pricing Letter to BCCMB

2018-06-07 Utilization Update Package

2018-05-26 Pricing Letter

2018-05-25 BCFIRB Expectations Update Letter & Appendix

2018-05-25 Catching Letter

2018-04-24 Pricing Letter

2018-02-21 Biosecurity in Hatching Eggs - March 16 Session

BC Broiler Hatching Egg Commission - 2018 - Strategic Plan

2018-01-26 Pricing Letter

2017-12-15 Pricing Letter

2017-11-24 Pricing Letter

2017-11-20 PPAC Agenda Package

2017-10-16 Response to BCFIRB Regarding Restricted Fund Response

2017-09-29 QTAR Update

2017-09-19 BCFIRB Initial Proposal Analysis (QTAR)

2017-08-25 Strategic Planning Notice to Industry

2017-07-31 Avian Insurance Review

2017-07-31 QATE Website and Submissions

2017-06-30 BCBHEC Report to BCFIRB re Quota Tools Assessment Review

2017-06-20 Quota Tools Assessment Review Report

2017-05-10 Quota Assessment Tools Work Action Plan & Quota Assessment Tools Evaluation & 2017-06-08 Memo - Amendment to Quota Assessment Tools Evaluation Work Action Plan & BC FIRB's 2016 Quota Assessment Tool Evaluation Project Webpage

2017-02-03 J Collins Introduction (Chair)

2017-01-03 Memo: Chair Resignation

2016-11-01 Update Notice on Mandatory NAI Insurance Review

2016-10-28 Work Plan for Mandatory NAI Insurance Review Update

2016 Charity Golf Tournament Results and Photos

Census of Agriculture 2016

2016-04-22 Memo: Biosecurity, Food Safety & Premise ID

Notice of Mandatory NAI Review & Work Plan for Mandatory Insurance Review & Consultation Documents

Draft Poultry Code of Practice Released for Public Comment