Answer: Yes, because the increase is utilization and not growth quota you can currently sell your quota to make room.

Some considerations for this option:
a)  The 5% assessment is still in place as the Commission is still considering the development of the quota rules as per BCFIRB's February 2, 2018 Quota Assessment Tools Supervisory Review (QATSR) decision.
b)  Utilization may move up or down with the required allocation across Canada.
c)  All potential quota sales must be posted to an industry Quota Billboard (above).  Your name, phone number or email, the amount of quota for sale and your placement dates must be included.  The quota must be posted for a minimum of 14 days.
d)  Unplaceable hens will expire annually and are not eligible to be carried over into the following year.
e)  All sales are subject to the Quota Transfer Checklist and the appropriate production planning conducted by Commission staff.