Answer: Yes, the Commission is allowing you to lease out the unplaceable birds for the duration of the transition period.  This will give producers time to make decisions on building to increase their capacity.

Some considerations for this option:
a)  All potential quota leases must be posted to an industry Quota Billboard (above).  Your name, phone number or email, the amount of quota for lease and your placement dates must be included.  The quota must be posted for a minimum of 14 days.
b)  Unplaceable hens will expire annually and are not eligible to be carried over into the following year.  Birds not placed will be cancelled and put into the BLOGO Bank for New Producers to use up on a first-come, first-serve basis.
c)  All leases are subject to the Quota Lease Checklist and the appropriate production planning conducted by the Commission staff.
d)  Leases must meet all the Permissible Lease and Quota Transfer criteria of the Consolidated Order (e.g.: "Quota so leased or licensed does not exceed 10% of the Transferor’s total allotment of Quota"; "No Producer may Transfer Quota by way of lease or licence for a term exceeding two years, and any such Quota so leased or licensed is subject to cancellation by the Commission"; "Unless the Commission otherwise consents in writing, no Producer may Transfer Quota by way of a Permissible Lease within one year from the date that such Producer last Transferred Quota by way of a Permissible Lease.")

Consolidated Order references:

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