The BC Broiler Hatching Egg Commission provides for a New Producer Program.  Individuals who have a genuine interest in starting a career as a hatching egg producer may apply to be included in a lottery for the purpose of selecting eligible applicants to fill unoccupied spaces on the prospective producer list, whereby those randomly selected by a third party may be eligible for quota.  The Program is intended to reduce quota as being a barrier to entry.

The Commission maintains a new producer allocation pool that is funded by transfer assessments, under its current quota management policies.  These quota management policies are subject to review as part of the current Strategic Plan.



On February 14, 2011 the Commission issued notice that a lottery will be held to fill the list for prospective New Producers per the Consolidated Order.  On April 18, 2011, a random draw was held by an independent third party.  Below is the list of the applicants selected for the prospective producer list, their invitation date and launch or anticipated launch date.

Launches are temporarily suspended - see Updates section below.

NameInvitation DateLaunch Date / Anticipated Launch Date
K. DeJongApr-11Dec-11
L. GoreApr-15Mar-16
L. MeindertsmaApr-15Mar-16
J. YeomansApr-15May-16
P. KrauseJul-17Jan-18
C. Schlaak / C. SchlaakJul-17Declined
J. Visser / D. Visser-TBD
M. Cross-TBD
S. McKimmon-TBD
L. Coers-TBD