Answer: At any time!  Producers can send their information to staff now for posting on the Billboard immediately.  The Quota Billboard is a virtual listing of all the quota currently for sale or lease.  It is posted on the public side of the website and ensures that staff is aware of quota movement and that all producers have a chance to consider all the options.

Some considerations for this option:
a)  Please ensure staff knows all the required details of your post.  This should include:
- Your name
- Your preferred contact (email or mobile number)
- Clarification that quota is for sale or lease
- The amount of quota
- Your current placement 'dates'
b)  This post must be up for a minimum of 14 days and is subject to production planning and expires after 90 days.
c)  Posting must be made by June 1 of each year to ensure you reach the amount of time required and staff can do the appropriate production planning.
d)  Posting is not mandatory for those looking to purchase or lease-in, but is encouraged.