BCFIRB will send you a letter acknowledging the receipt of your appeal. This letter will also contain information which explains the appeal process in greater detail. At the same time, BCFIRB will notify the commodity board or commission concerned that an appeal has been filed and instruct them of their responsibilities as outlined in the Rules of Practice and Procedures.

BCFIRB will also ensure that the commodity board or commission has received a copy of your notice of appeal.

BCFIRB will issue notice to the parties requiring them to attend a pre-hearing conference call. The purpose of the pre-hearing conference will be to clarify the issue on appeal and determine the position of each party as well as the remedies sought by the appellant. The pre-hearing conference call will also be used to confirm hearing dates and directions for the appeal hearing.

BCFIRB encourages parties to consider Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to facilitate settlements of the matter under appeal and will assist the parties in establishing an ADR process. Parties can apply to BCFIRB requesting ADR. Discussions about possible ADR alternatives will also be an agenda item for the pre-hearing conference.

The hearing of your appeal will normally be held not more than 60 days after BCFIRB first receives your notice of appeal; however, these timelines will be dependent upon the circumstances of all the parties to the appeal.